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Why Men’s Sexual Health is Important

Sexual medicine actually deals with both physical and psychological conditions that’s related to sexual health. Sex for every person is defined by their biological features and gender is being based with the attitude and behaviors of culture and the society. Sexual disorders on the other hand are characterized on the abnormal sexual desires or perhaps the functioning which causes distress or impaired social functioning. Such kind of disorders could lead to sexual dysfunction, gender dysphoria or paraphilic disorder. See 

Sex is a crucial part of our life and for a lot of men, thinking of sex starts early which is usually before puberty until death.

When looking at its other side, sex is a hormone-driven function which actually is made to help save the species. On its other side, this would be an activity which is pleasurable and will help in strengthening people’s bond.

Sexual health likewise refer with the state of well-being that helps a man in fully participating and enjoying sexual activities. It is essential to know the fact that the sexual health of a man is being influenced by different factors like social, interpersonal, physical and psychological factors.

When talking about male sexual health, this would include libido or sexual desire and the ability of sustaining a good erectile function or erection. Physiology can however affect both desires on sex and on the ability to have sex, but mental health and emotional factors also play an essential role to it. More on 

Be aware also that sexual health is not only due to the absence of disease. There’s also erectile dysfunction (ED) which is in fact the case of not being able to acquire good erection or the case of maintaining a good erection long enough to be able to maintain satisfaction towards the sexual activity. There are a lot of things which can in fact cause it which includes depression, stress, low testosterone, damage from urological surgery or can be because of problems on the relationship. This may also serve as an early warning sign of having heart disease. A lot of men could also experience problems with their ejaculation because of delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation or not having an orgasm when having ejaculation.

Men sexual health is an essential part for both mental and physical health. Getting good sexual health would need a positive approach to sexuality and on sexual relationship. You have to bear in mind that sexual experience should be one that’s safe and pleasurable and this should be free from coercion and discrimination. It is also about making the right choices on sex and sexuality which are suitable for your body and mind.

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